CP Angle Tumor Treatment In Lucknow

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CP Angle Tumor Treatment In Lucknow

While malignant tumours can arise and spread to anywhere in the body, CPA tumours are usually confined to the area of the cerebellopontine angle in the lateral region of the brain.

It is the angle between the cerebellum and Pons, which contains spinal fluid. The space is prone to growth of many tumours like Schwannoma, Meningioma, Acoustic Neuroma, Epidermoid, Metastasis, Glomus Jugulare and Astrocytoma. They generally grow around the parenchyma and affect the cranial nerves.


CPA symptoms include frequent headaches, ringing in the ears, disturbances in hearing and facial numbness. The symptoms appear slowly and the tumours are detected only after they start disrupting the functions of the vital brain structures. Large tumours may result in Nystagmus as the flocculli becomes compressed leading to vision problems.


Though earlier difficult to detect in the initial stages, advances in technology and innovations in cancer care has made it easier to diagnose CPA early. Brain MRI is a very useful scan to detect CPA tumours. Computer Tomography (CT) is another technique used to diagnose CPA tumours. These methods create detailed images of the brain, which enables specialist doctors to locate the tumour and evaluate the extent of brain damage.


CPA treatment involves surgery and radiation therapy. While the former is used to remove the tumour or most of it, the latter is employed to arrest further growth. The exact diagnosis is used is used by neurosurgeons to evaluate the suitability of either treatment option and its timing. Course of treatment is also influenced by the patient’s age and overall health status.

Radiation therapy is mostly administered on CPA tumours located in regions of the brain where surgery is considered risky. Radiation therapy targets tumour cells and kills them.necting to the eyes may carry the risk of sight impairment or vision loss.